How we Make a Difference

In the Jerónimo Martins Group, we seek to manage in a balanced way the relationship between economic prosperity, social development and environmental preservation.

We were included in the London Stock Exchange’s sustainability indices

In 2016, the Jerónimo Martins Group was included – for the first time – in the FTSE Russell índices (FTSE4Good Global Index and FTSE4Good Europe Index) which identify the companies that best manage sustainability risks through commitments and actions in the development of their businesses.

We kept our focus on fighting food waste

In Portugal, we continued to reuse "ugly vegetables", which used to be left on the farming fields, in the production of soups and salads, as well as in Pingo Doce ready-to-eat meals. They were also sold at Recheio Cash & Carry stores at discount prices. The Group used over 13,300 tonnes of these vegetables.

The more than 10,000 tonnes of food that, despite being in perfect condition for consumption, could not be sold in stores, were donated to institutions that support hundreds of people.

The Group's performance in fighting food waste was acknowledged by the European Business Awards and the Ethical Corporation.

We strengthened the engagement with our stakeholders

In 2016, we involved more than 4,790 employees, suppliers, consumers, journalists, analysts and non-governmental organisations, among others, in a process of listening to identify material issues - at management level and reporting level - within the scope of our Corporate Responsibility strategy.

Corporate Responsibility Pillars

Our Corporate Responsibility policies and practices are built upon five pillars:

Promoting Good Health through Food
Being a Benchmark Employer
Supporting Surrounding Communities
Respecting the Environment
Sourcing Responsibly

Promoting Good Health through Food

We are committed to improving the consumers' quality of life through food and promoting responsible consumption.

In 2016, we continued our work to offer products that are nutritionally balanced, less processed and geared towards satisfying specific dietary requirements.


Private Brand products reformulated


Tonnes of fat prevented from entering the market


Tonnes of sugar prevented from entering the market


Tonnes of salt prevented from entering the market

Respecting the Environment

Efficient resource management, linked to the preservation of the environment is essential for the sustained growth of our businesses.

In 2016, our actions continued to focus on three priority areas: climate change, biodiversity and waste management.


Score in the CDP Climate Change 2016, reaching a 'Leadership' level


Reduction of energy consumption per €1,000 sales


Waste from operations sent for recovery


Distribution Centres with environmental certification

Sourcing Responsibly

We seek to incorporate ethical and environmental concerns into the supply chains to foster a gradual and sustained improvement in the impacts of our activity.

In 2016, we strengthened our long-standing business relationships and maintained proactive support for local production in the countries where we operate.


Products sourced from local suppliers in Portugal


Products sourced from local suppliers in Poland


Products sourced from local suppliers in Colombia


New Private Brand references with sustainability certificate

Supporting Surrounding Communities

We are paying increasing attention to situations of need in the surrounding communities, endeavouring to promote social cohesion and breaking the cycles of poverty and malnutrition.

In 2016, we continued to support projects and causes that help the more vulnerable groups in society, such as children, young people and the elderly.

18 M€

In both monetary support and in-kind donations to the surrounding communities

1.8 Million

Units/month of Milk Start products sold at cost price in Poland


Children supported by Ara, in Colombia, in the 'Madres Comunitarias' programme

Being a Benchmark Employer

By creating employment, the Group aims to stimulate social and economic development in the markets where it does business.

We seek to promote balanced and competitive wage policies, a healthy and challenging workplace and the favourable conditions to the professional and personal development of our employees.


New jobs


Management positions held by women

82 M€

Awards attributed to the Group’s employees

16.6 M€

Support for the employees and their families